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Drop it like it's HOT.....

Hol' up, Hol' up.....don't drop it too low. I know "we" got bad knees, but I was talking about the negativity of 2020. Whew chile! We almost made it out. I would be telling a lie if I said 2020 was all bad. I started this blog (that I slacked off on-lol), I published a book, I got new job (and I love it!). Some pretty amazing things has happened in 2020.

But who doesn't love a fresh start? I know I do. Their are some things in my life that I want to gain some control of, once and for all. One of them is my weight. Y'all?! I've been at this weight loss thing since before I can remember (I talked about it in the book, if you don't have it yet- head to the shop tab). I was so proud of my weight loss and body on my wedding day. I always tell people in excitement "I didn't have anything under my gown". As in "anything" I mean a shaper. My stomach was flat and all my curves were in the right place. But, ya know.....marriage lol. I put on 25lbs soon after and loss 10. I am still dealing with this stubborn 15 pounds. So my first goal is to make it to my wedding day weight, then to ONEderland.

Also I've been charged by Holy Spirit to share our journey through infertility. What a private, venerable topic? But I must be obedient. In sharing I pray that it gives a mama in waiting, hope. I pray that we become a walking example of God's grace and mercy. This journey is absolutely not for the faint in heart. It gets hard, it gets exhausting, your body gets tired, your heart get weary, your marriage gets tested, your esteem is broken-- whew chile! I could go on and on. But one this is a constant, God has never left us in this process. we call it....

Faith in Infertility

So stick around. I plan on producing more content this year. Follow me on Instagram where I try to keep the stories running. Follow my on Facebook where I post lots of funny moments that happen to me daily.

Continue to read the blog and walk through life with me! I am so glad to share this space with you! Know that your words form your life. Speak out loud what God says about you. Walking into the new year prepared and planned to do all the things God has assigned to you- declare


"Do your best, prepare for the worst- then trust GOD to bring victory" - proverbs 21:21 (MSG)

You go girl!

I love you

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