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Moments with Mell P

I AM...You Are

Mell P. I like to say I am a Jesus loving, farmhouse decorating, fitness enthusiastic, foodie, optimistic freak. I am an educator by trade and a leader by calling. I take pride in sharing with you; tips, tricks, and inspiration.

 I have several women standing by my side, holding my arms up when I'm tired. I AM, YOU ARE was birthed out of that love. These women, coupled with some of life's experiences has helped me become who I am today. These things have also helped me discover my identity and pushed me to help women discover their identity. Follow me on this journey of life. We'll be discussing life, health, marriage, and much more. I AM, YOU ARE is designed to encourage the woman in you. I AM... defines who you are . You can put any adjective behind the phrase to tell people, just who you are. YOU ARE... encourages the woman. Placing a powerful adjective behind the phrase makes a women live in that confident moment you provided for her.

You are loved.

You are valued.

You are beautiful.

I Am...You are

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